Thursday, June 23, 2011

Callyfest: The Hot Swamp Jamboree of 2009 (Caledonian Road Festival)

Callyfest: The Hot Swamp Jamboree took place on the Caledonian Road, London N1 on 22nd August 2009. The festival was conceived and organised by Louise McDonnell, a resident of the Bemerton Estate.

Performing at the event were: The Sabre Tooth Tiger band, The Cedars, The Snakes, Edd Wenn, The Saudis, Joe Whitney and The Tropics of Cancer, lil' Lost Lou, Anna Page, Darkwood,
The Wild Wolves, Thee Intolerable Kidd, John Drain, Junk Yard Choir, Instant Flight, The Good News, Mayor Mc Arther, Bleak, and The Dave Elvis.

Plus contributions from: DJs Beth & Tash (Truth or Consequences), Vis the Spoon (Spoonful of Poison), Big Barry (Tapestry Club), and Professor Blinding (Dirty Water Club).

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